Sunday, December 2, 2012

Language - Exchange

Okay, so I didn't end up applying to TaLK. Pfft XD
But I did apply for exchange!! Finished my application earlier than the deadline and the interviews are expected to be held in February *_*. I wish it would have been earlier though.

Other than that... the other night I randomly found myself on international language exchange webpages that a lot of Korean universities have. It's not like it was my first time seeing the info, but strangely that time it just felt a lot more attractive and real to me. Then all of a sudden I started actually considering it and now... I'm thinking of applying to them in April. LOL~~

I hope I get in to at least ONE thing *__*... the thing with exchange is that my gpa doesn't quite reach the minimum gpa... so I'm thinking that will be my biggest setback. But the good thing is that my previous Korean professor said that the university I applied to usually didn't have a lot of applicants and that it was the lowest favoured university in the list. Lol~ which kind of raised my hopes, ahaha. To be honest, I still would have liked to be an Ehwa student just because I've known it for a while and it feels like my style... but Hanyang's good too. And their website is more me-friendly so that's mainly what I use to convince myself that it's good, lmao. But then again, the main reason why I got obsessed with Ehwa even after I chose Hanyang was the shopping district nearby, ahahaha xD my reasons suck so much, pfft.

I hope I can get in to Language program at least, cuz I actually really do want to improve my Korean. This Korean-frenzy started cuz I randomly started talking to my Korean acquaintances on KakaoTalk. It was weird because I tried to not be stiff-foreigner (in language) and I think it might have worked cuz their replies were quite natural-looking too. But who knows, I'm not the expert! But anyway, that success (?) kind of encouraged me to consider formally learning Korean again... and also... with my encounter with my white, Japanese-speaking, translator professor who is an older man... it kind of made me feel like "hey, maybe I COULD become a translator in the future after all" "it doesn't have to be now, it doesn't have to be in ten years, but maybe in the far future..." (Which is very unusual for me, because usually I don't make long term plans.)

Anyway, that's my blurb on my random, often changing plans. So if I can get in to both, I'd be going to Korea in June 2013! If only exchange, then Sept 2013! And if only Language program, then June-Aug 2013! If neither, then I don't know! But something will probably happen in 2013! haha~


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