Sunday, October 7, 2012

Change of plans? Back on path?

So once again, I've gone into a unplanned frenzy and decided to apply to TaLK, but also this time... I'm applying for an exchange.

Exchange *_*.

I never thought I'd ever be applying for an international exchange program in my life. Why? Because it was always that I wasn't "smart enough" or "qualified enough"... or it was always "no money", blah blah blah. But now I am! How random!

I don't even remember/can't distinguish how it happened to settle in my head. All I know is that I found myself looking at my university's International Exchange website. Eventually I went to the info-session with my friend, Charisse. Info-sessions have a strange way of luring you in. I don't know how they do it, but clearly, it works on me. It calmed a lot of my doubts down. The main reasons why I didn't think of applying before were:
  1. No money.
  2. my GPA wasn't outstanding exactly.
  3. I have like, no money.

But the presenting lady said that OSAP did help with Exchanges, especially if it was through the home university. The reason why I was sort of withdrawing from the summer exchange that I'd thought about before was the complications of receiving funding. Summer would have been a "Study Abroad", not an exchange. It would have been an Independent Study. And since I would've had to figure out how to pull funds from here and there, I wasn't exactly that excited about it. But this one is different! Since this is going through the university directly, it would be less complicated. I'd just have to pay my home university directly, just like regular tuition, and that'd be that. Plus, OSAP would be easier to process.

Secondly, the lady said that they did make exceptions for people who were almost at the required GPA. So I talked to her about it after the session and since mine was just a bit under the required level, she sort of made me feel encouraged. I needed a 6.0, but I currently have a 5.3... which I'm sure will rise even a little bit after this year is done with. (Since I am improving every year now)

So that settled my roadblocks! :D and so now I'm prepping to apply!
I haven't exactly finished with everything, but I did print things out and selected courses! OMG, COURSES. *O*~~~ I picked out courses that attracted me to get them evaluated/approved for credit transfer.
~^o^~ ~>o<~

I kind of got myself all excited about this because of the research and all... but the main reason why I looked into this university was because the Exchange site said that this university possibly provided on-campus housing for free. *_______*. Oh, how I enjoy that word. FREE.
Of course I doubted it and went to check for reals and all... but even if it wasn't free, the housing fees aren't that bad. Plus, I already got my self all excited about it. =/

I did want to attend Ewha Women's University before... but... the free housing deal just kind of pushed itself to the top of my list. Hah.

Now the only thing I have to figure out is how I could transfer the credits accurately... which is sort of a problem. I wish I'd gotten all this motivation/excitement/change of mindset EARLIER. As in... during my third year rather than fourth. >< The problem now lies in the fact that I only need 15 credits more to graduate. (15 credits = about two and a half courses, which is basically one semester)...
I wanted to do a FULL-YEAR exchange to Korea... and so now that I only need half... I don't know what to do about my desires. lol. So that's one thing to settle.

And that's pretty much that with the exchange. Now TaLK --

I decided I've apply to TaLK again this year... for the 11th Gen session. Which would be the Fall of 2013-Spring 2014. =/ I would be applying early this time, but I'm not really sure about this, AGAIN. I do still feel a bit dejected from last time... but also because I'm not sure how much I really want to teach per se. The required documents has a part where you have to make a teaching outline, so like an example class itinerary. And to be honest, I hate that part. Even more than the part with the personal essay. So it just makes me think of how I'd be doing when I'm actually doing the work... =/

But I do need the experience. And TaLK would definitely help prop future career doors open.

So again, I'm going to apply again this fall... and hopefully... just hopefully... I'll get in to at least ONE.


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