Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer schooling, 2012


Summer school is always better in terms of focusing your attention to certain courses, and not having to worry about a bunch of other ones. But then again, it's also in danger of being abandoned due to laziness... having to bus all the way to school and back, "just for school"... =___=.

This summer I tried to cram in four courses. Dropping one during the second semester (Philosophy of Religion), and finishing two (Intro to Classical Singing & The Meaning of Life), I am now at the last one -- Intro to Psychology, 1010.

I took this course like, three times. The first time, I dropped after the first class... (it was my first year then, and 9:00am classes seemed like an abomination then). Then the second time, I took during second year... which was a big mistake. Not only did I FORGET I TOOK IT, I also made the mistake of NOT DROPPING IT. I was scared dropping it would affect my OSAP. So I thought after the first few tests that I could pick it back up, then forgot again. So there went my GPA... down, down, down...

...which is why I'm taking it again this year. For the third time =_=. Yup.

But this year I've done well! So I've been attending all my classes... (okay, wait, so I skipped two... and left early for ...well, lots.) BUT IT'S CUZ IT'S SO BORING ;___;  I get really jittery if I'm bored. And that combined with being around a whole lecture room full of people? Terrible. So I leave early.

But I HAVE been doing my readings on the bus rides? So... that has been covering for it... sorta...?
Ugh, anyway, I can't wait for this summer course to be over!

Been gaming again this summer... and adding that to my guitar practice (which is going slow right now), I have enough to keep me busy this year! I still hope to get into Guitar in September though. Need a person teaching me... I can't seem to get the chords fully yet. And my callouses are growing slowly... painfully. lol.

Hopefully by September I'll be able to switch between chords and hold the main majors & minors down properly!

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