Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer exchange? Or fifth year?

Hmm... once again, I was bored, surfing online, planning courses and checking graduation status and all that and somehow I came to the idea of "Hey! Why not do my last 6 credits (2 courses) in Korea?

But of course, there's a back story to that idea, so here's what the situation was: my enrolment date came along on the 8th, and I went online to enrol in my very exciting planned courses (Narratives of the Modern Korean Family & Premodern Japanese Classics)...  but I couldn't. Why? Because I found out that I'm not an EAS student anymore. In fact, I haven't been since 2010.

....?!!!?!!?! (WHAT?!)

And I didn't know this until now. So I did some quick searching... and right before my advising appointment I figured out that I'd been mistaken that I dropped from Hons.EAS to just EAS. There IS no "just EAS", only Hons. >__>. SO. I found that I'm a History major. A HISTORY MAJOR. ME. A HISTORY MAJOR.

So THEN, I tried to sort things out and applied (again) to change program.... and now I'm just waiting for that to process. Hopefully, I'll get back in. (Why do I always have some sort of academic problem every summer?)

But anyway, back to the Korea thing. Yeah, so before ^ all that, I was planning on how to graduate, and I realized that after this coming Fall/Winter semester, my fourth year, I would still need to stay for maybe a semester or two in order to finish two courses. Problem was, (and I didn't realize this earlier... but) the two courses I planned are EAS courses, so they aren't likely to be offered during next summer (2013). So now my options are:
  1. Do a fifth year, just to finish two courses (6.0), or
  2. Somehow make do with whichever two courses I can find in the 3000 and 4000-levels, and finish in the summer.
  3. Apply and attempt to do a summer exchange program as an international student - in Korea.
Now, I'm all for any of these, really. It's just that... of course... the third option is the most attractive. Option 3 > Option 2 > Option 1.

I even talked to father about this and after some thought he said it would be a good idea. I would have spent about $7k if I dormed  the first year (which I didn't), or if I dormed this coming year (which I'm not!) so technically (*roll eyes at my rationalizing this*), but technically... I would be using money that I didn't spend - but was supposed to! - for something better!

And he said that it would be a good idea to do the summer program (about two months, maybe) and then stay another third month to look around and experience the place, and see if I actually like it or not. Because he knows, right now all my future  plans are directed towards there.

But then... all the planning... and researching... for funding is so overwhelming and annoying. So I'm putting it off for maybe... later in the summer/early school year.

Most important right now is to get back into EAS, somehow.
But... still, that's what's happening with me right now! Academic planning, planning, planning!

I think I might just need some luck this year.

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