Friday, May 11, 2012

Unaccepted : TaLK Notice


I checked my email this afternoon, and this is what I found:
We regret to inform you that your application was not selected by the Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK) Program as it was not competitive with the rest of the applicant pool.

Sigh. Yes. A rejection letter. *insert sad face*.. no, more like *disappointed face*. =/
I had this feeling that I wasn't going to get in since weeks ago... but having had a history of pessimistic thoughts, I figured you know... there was a chance! Actually, I still feel like maybe they'll change their minds and maybe put me on the waiting list or something. But that is pathetic thinking, so I'll stop.

Surprisingly, when I first saw this, I was more along the lines of "..." "..." "aw..." it took me a few to soak it in. At first I was like "aw... well... that's that, I guess", but then as the seconds went by, and as I told my friends on our group thread I started realizing I was more like self-hypnotizing myself than accurately relaying my feelings about it. I dunno how to deal with disappointment. This kind of disappointment, at least.
I'm suspecting that was my marks that (might have) pushed it over the edge. Either that, or that together with my lack of teaching experience. Cuz otherwise, I totally displayed knowledge and interest in the culture. I wish I hadn't told my grandmother and parents early though. Especially my grandmother, because I know that she has told other people, though I had asked her not to.

So... well, now I guess I'm forced to go with Plan B, since this Plan A has failed. =/ Plan B... which was a good plan in itself too, but when compared to Plan A, obviously... you know. Now I'll just have to stay here, do fourth year of university... and then apply again next spring. Which is fine. It's fine. It's what I was planning to do before anyway. I guess it's just that with the excitement and all, Plan B became the unwanted option. Which is what happens when I get excited or biased. Which is exactly why I was trying to restrain myself before, which clearly failed, seeing as how I am now. >_>.

But anyway, now to reveal my plans... I shall make a list! (Though there is a list on my Listography already, but whatever)
So PLAN B! Here it is!
  1. Go through Summer school 2012, exceed and focus on improving marks.
  2. Go through Fall/Winter 2012-2013, exceed and focus on getting good marks.
  3. Apply again in February 2013 for the August 2013 - 11th Generation.
  4. Get in.
Or not, and continue with the original plan of:
  1. Graduate university.
  2. Look for a full-time job in order to pay off student loans.
  3. Work whilst attending George Brown for Fashion Sewing certificate courses.
  4. Save up money, become financially free/stable.
  5. Perhaps go to Korea by myself or through another Teaching program.
Either way I would be doing my Plan O (for 'original', lmao) irregardless of whether Plan B succeeded or not. But if it did, I would be in a better state.

Sigh~ well... that's that. /done ranting, I guess.

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