Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I did my TaLK Interview today!!

I don't really have much to say about it, I guess it went fine. I thought of things on the way back that I could have some, but just one or two, otherwise I can pretty much say I did the best I could at that point.
Got to the Korean Consulate at like 1-ish, and I was so lost *_*. I had to get my CRC notarized and had to wait for my number, this lady helped me by leading me to the ticket machine but then she KEPT LEADING ME WRONG. Like first, she pressed the button for VISA, which was wrong. Good thing I figured it out soon after by reading the correct booth sign in Korean and matching it to the machine. =_= smh. Then she urged me to go to the Passport booth guy who was free, which was also wrong. Then when I finally got my number, turned out the lady wanted to keep my passport photocopy, which I needed for my interview! So, she told me to photocopy the photocopy at a photocopier in the corner of the room. I failed. Three times. I paid three times. So the lady took $4 just to stamp the CRC, then I put in 15c in the machine, which ate it... then 25c and then 25c again. >_>. I felt so..... scammed. But then I told the lady the machine wasn't working and got help. -_-.  it was so stupid.
Anyway, so 1:55 came, and like the man at the Passport booth had instructed me, I went up to this younger girl at the VISA booth to ask for my interview. The phone was busy so she made me wait. Waited until 2:05, when I asked her again and she said that I'd have to wait until I got called. So then I sat and watched more SNSD concert on the TV and then got called soon after.
Now the interview itself.. *___* nervous, I was. Not as nervous as the first presentation I did for 3600, my heart wasn't THAT loud this time, but nervous nonetheless. I think it was like half an hour cuz I got out at around 2:47 ish (out to the streets, I mean). The interviewer apparently was a friend of my kor1000, kor2000, and kor3600 professor! Kinda embarrassing, because I talked about how I liked her as my professor and stuff. =_=. Then I said I'd like to be placed at Chungbuk and he wrote Chungnam/buk or something. As long as it's not Jeju.
So basically he asked me lots of questions. I typed em up afterwards on the subway for future reference XD here they are:
  • What do you know about the TaLK Program?
  • Describe your lesson plan
  • Tell me briefly about yourself (during which he read my essay...)
  • Why do you like Korea?
  • You will have a lot of leisure time (if you get into TaLK), what do you plan to do with it?
  • Do you have a teacher you like/look up to?
  • How would you deal with a larger class, 35-40 students?
In the end he said that I had prepared all the documents perfectly (said it three times, actually) and then he asked if I had any questions. Since I had rambled about how I like the historical things and the language and stuff I guess he decided to invite me to this event later on this month. Of course I had no choice but to say yes... and then he got his secretary to send me information about it. Meh, it's okay I guess. Not like I hate it. Just hated bussing to that place with the waiting and nervousness.
I hope I get a call next week >< preferably before my exam so that I don't have to worry about that.. preferably.. even at all! I so want this gig.

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