Friday, March 30, 2012

I applied to TaLK!

So I applied on Wednesday (March 28th, 2012) and got an email the next day!! I was so uberly excited, omg, I can't even. I usually don't apply to things because I don't like not knowing if I'll get in or not (so I don't try) but I applied to this big thing... even though I was being all lazy and stuff.. and.. well, okay I guess I really want to explain this in an organized way, so I'll start over.

So I started preparing for TaLK. I procrastinated for the longest time (using the excuse that I had to prepare the documents). I got started on getting the official documents first. So the criminal record check (CRC), official school transcript, reference letters, etc. Of course these were just my mental excuses to put off writing the personal essay... which, actually, was the main thing I needed -- the first thing, actually. ._. But anyway, yeah, so I got the official docs ready early March, then waited on the last reference letter for like.. 3 weeks *_* ... then when I finally got it on Tuesday, I wrote the personal essay and finished it, and then sent it on Wednesday with my completed online application (Steps A & B). The short informal personal essay that my last reference professor asked for also kinda gave me the push I needed, cuz I basically just edited that to transform it into my personal essay. And I actually took an impromptu photo at home to finish the application. (I actually had like a semi-photoshoot session with Sylvi in the afternoon, lol)

So now if that works out.. then I'll be IN Korea, THIS AUGUST. *crowd cheers* XD

There's like so many words in my mind right now, but I'm too lazy to sort and type them, so I'll let them go.

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